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Giving Hope

“We were delivering goods to the elderly in Milot when this woman runs down some steps and starts hugging everyone. We had given her a bag of rice (about 8 cups). To her, it was like the equivalent of an Olympic gold medal. She lifted the bag of rice high into the air and praised the Lord.”  
Brandon Peoples (VCU Team – MO)


Almost a decade ago, our ministry to the elderly in Haiti was begun when God gave Jacquelin Valmyr (NHMI Field Coordinator) a heartfelt vision, intense compassion, and faithful dedication to minister to the needs of this “forgotten people group.” Currently coordinated stateside by Doug Diamond, this “ministry within a ministry” is known as Living for Hope.  Their purpose is to simply assist the elderly (many who do not have family members or friends to help them) with the basic needs to sustain life.

Doug often acknowledges Jacquelin and his crew of 4 people as the “hands and feet of Jesus.” Reaching out with the love of Christ and walking up steep slopes and along goat paths throughout the mountainside of Milot and beyond, food packages, medicines, and clothes are distributed to the elderly on a monthly basis. Military backpacks, weighing between 60-80 pounds apiece, are used to transport these precious commodities.

Besides providing basic necessities, Living for Hope has also created initiatives whereby solar lights, designer reader eyeglasses/sunglasses, bed sheets, pillow cases, ladies hats for church, and much more have been given to our elderly within NHMI communities. Please pray for Doug as he is responsible for this channel of God’s love and works in conjunction with Jacquelin’s continued efforts on the field.

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