Discipleship & Training

"You, however, must teach what is appropriate to sound doctrine."

Titus 2:1

Sound Biblical teaching is essential for spiritual growth
and maturity in the lives of every believer.


NHMI is committed to encouraging the brethren within the existing network of churches and schools as well as raising up Next Generation Christian leaders in Haiti.

Within our Haitian school system.  As the Bible is our foundation in truth, our pastors, youth pastors, and teachers teach and inspire our students to know Him in order that they might make Him known to others.

For the God given shepherds and leaders of NHMI.  Pastoral development is an ever ongoing process to make life-long, passionate disciples of Jesus Christ within our church communities.


Equipping Haitian pastors and teachers with Creole discipleship materials

Training Haitian administrative and educational staff to effectively use materials as resources


The effectiveness of this program requires team partnership. Experienced NHMI Board Members assume responsibilities for formatting, designing, equipping, and training field staff.

Qualified pastors from the U.S. will assist in developing and implementing training seminars.

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